The Inclusion Project

We are a pretty talented family… did you know my wife Amy (A.Typical Mum Blogger) is a photographer? She has spent the past 7 years managing photography studios in Sydney to now put together a project to give back to our community. Join her on her blog to track her progress with a vision to raise $10 000, we’ll keep you updated on our facebook here too!      

The Inclusion Project, inspired by our son Romeo, is a series of photographic portraits celebrating the lives of young children with special needs and their families in and around Canberra, Australia. In April 2019 the completion of ‘The Inclusion Project’ will see our community come together to  honor the imagery through a local exhibition and deliver the proceeds to our local cause.

How to get involved

  1. Register. You will receive an email from us with more information.
  2. Book your Experience. A one hour photographic session and 10* selected images in high resolution on USB.
  3. Donate. Your participation fee of $50 will go directly to our inclusive Canberra project which will be unveiled at the exhibition!

Places are restricted to 200 participants, Register Now to secure your place.

For more information contact Amy


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